Manuel Pellegrini: Man City won title with goals and style

Win at Tottenham 'beautiful' - Pellegrini

Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini says Chelsea have matched the feats of his side last season - but without City's attacking flair or goals.

Chelsea won the Premier League title after a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace, having already lifted the League Cup.

Pellegrini says it was not done with the same swagger as City a year ago.

"It is important for the fans to play attractive football. We did exactly the same that Chelsea did this year, but we scored 158 goals last year," he said.

"We scored more goals in another style."

Pellegrini spoke after his City side clinched a 1-0 win over Tottenham thanks to a goal from Sergio Aguero which effectively secured a Champions League place.

The 61-year-old Chilean says he will not deviate from his attacking approach to the game, even though Jose Mourinho's team have taken the title off them.

"This team continues as the most scoring team," Pellegrini added. "That side is important, to continue winning in that sense."

In this season's Premier League, Chelsea have scored just two goals fewer than Manchester City's league-high 71.

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