Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn prioritises squad investment

'This puts Bournemouth on the map'
By Nabil Hassan - BBC Sport

Bournemouth will prioritise squad investment over stadium expansion for their debut Premier League season, says club chairman Jeff Mostyn.

In November 2014, Mostyn said the club were looking to increase the Goldsands Stadium from 11,700 to about 18,000.

Bournemouth won the Championship title with victory at Charlton on Saturday.

"We need to make sure that we put the majority of our investment into the team, so that we can retain our Premier League position," Mostyn told the BBC.

"Rather than expand the ground and you've seen other clubs who have suffered the consequences."

Speaking in November, Mostyn told BBC Radio Solent the club were conducting feasibility studies on expanding the stadium.

The Cherries rise to the Premier League will undoubtedly lead to extra demand for tickets at their Goldsands Stadium home, traditionally known as Dean Court.

Graphic comparing Manchester United's stadium capacity with Bournemouth's

While Mostyn said they were keen to meet that demand, he said it was more important to allow manager Eddie Howe to add quality to his squad.

"We will do everything we can to make sure everyone is satisfied. There were comments that with 60,000 people following the bus (for the victory parade), we could fill the Emirates, let alone the Goldsands, but that is not going to happen," he told BBC South Today.

"As we know our average attendance is only 10,500."

While a decision on stadium expansion has not been decided, the Cherries will have to make several improvements to their ground to cater for extra media requirements.

With more than 200 countries watching Premier League football, Mostyn says they have a lot to do to accommodate the media.

"We have to provide a minimum of 100 media seats, all with extra high-definition television," he said.

"There will also have to be improvements to the floodlights and under-soil heating, those are just your starter for 10."

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