Ramon Blanco: Peru referee's five red cards in five minutes

Ramon Blanco needed a police escort from Allianza Lima's stadium

Four red cards, a manager sent off, riot shields on the pitch and a police escort from the ground - it was a quiet final five minutes on Sunday for Peruvian referee Ramon Blanco.

In the 86th minute of Alianza Lima's clash with Real Garcilaso, the 36-year-old may have thought he could start winding down for the afternoon until, suddenly, chaos broke out.

Peru paper Depor led with a headline reading 'Red Alert'

Like a rag to a bull, the sight of red left Allianza players - trailing 1-0 - wanting more and more punishment and in Blanco, they found a man willing to dish it out.

Red cards for a Gabriel Costa hack in midfield and manager Guillermo Sanguinetti's protests, two more as an elbow and vicious kick saw Marcos Miers and Pablo Miquez hit the showers, before Christian Cueva saw red for trying to stop Blanco from reaching for a card.

Not even the sight of riot police attempting to address the chaos on the pitch could fluster Blanco during his five-minute red-card bonanza.

Peru's Association of Professional Referees said Blanco was "correct" and congratulated him on a "very good job" on Facebook.external-link

That was a view probably not shared by all as he was escorted through a scrum of media, with a vacant look on his face, and into a car driven away flanked by police cars with lights flashing.external-link

There's nothing like a quiet Sunday. For what it is worth, Garcilaso held on to win 1-0 and lead Peru's top flight.

Ramon Blanco spared little sympathy for Allianza, who were a goal down with four minutes to go