Fifa: What would you do if you were in charge of world football?

Fancy sitting in this seat permanently?

Sepp Blatter's time as Fifa president is coming to an end after he announced on Tuesday that he was quitting.

But where are Fifa going wrong and what needs to change to make football the beautiful game once again?

Well, over on our Sportsday Live page and the BBC Sport Facebook pageexternal-link we gave you the chance to have your say.

And those suggestions came in thick and fast - from salary caps to banning throw-ins.

Although the years of scandal would almost certainly continue with some of you in charge...

Changing the game

So what is wrong with the game of football. Well, quite a lot if you listen to these people.

Jon Salinger is an ideas man. He says: "I would impose a salary cap worldwide and eradicate cheating on the football pitch. And introduce technology into the sport where there is the ability for the referee to refer to a Television Match Official."

Not only is Jon an ideas man, he also has an election slogan.

"Let's make football a cleaner sport on and off the pitch," he trumpets.

You've got our vote Jon.

Sepp Blatter's controversial career

Stuart Massie also has a few changes to make. And is available. He says: "Bring in everything we've been crying about for years. A 10-match ban for diving, close grounds of racist clubs, no manager sackings during season, the list is endless and I can start tomorrow. The spray and goal line technology has been amazing."

Other notable messages included:

Vic Hemming: "I would bring back the old offside rule and allow a video appeal each half carried over if upheld. I would also give yellow or red cards to players indicating one should be shown to another player."

Darren Pritchard: "I would stop big clubs stockpiling players by capping clubs' signings to 25 players over 21 years old."

Si Hawkes‏: "I'd use goal-line technology in the 2018 World Cup, then I'd move the 2022 World Cup and use goal-line technology and video replays."

Changing Fifa and the World Cup

The World Cup is the biggest tournament in world football. But some of you think it should change.

Wassajja Matt Mathieu leads the way. He writes: "Reduce the number of European representatives at the World Cup and give equal representatives to all continents."

Timothy Baker is in agreement. He says: "If I was FIFA president I would expand the club World Cup and decrease the number of European teams in the World Cup."

Netherlands v Spain
Too many European nations in the World Cup? Two of the last three finals have been all-European affairs

"Take the World Cup away from both Russia and Qatar and give them to Australia or America and England," says Ross Burns, but he's not finished there. "Also, make a rule the presidents can only serve for two consecutive terms if elected."

Other suggestions could lead to a structure change at Fifa:

Max Baggins-Craig: "I'd reduce ticket cost, support youth development, and speak with Prince Ali and Figo to put a fair plan together."

Stuart Mitchell‏: "I would make sure the electoral voting was altered so the stronger nations have a bigger say."

An end to the scandals? Don't be so sure

Care about the game? Or care about yourself?

It might not be the sweeping changes to Fifa and the end of the corruption years if any of this lot get in.

Although the good people of Jersey could be in luck.

Sepp Blatter resigns as Fifa president saying new elections will be held soon

Twitter user Howzitt says‏: "As FIFA president I would cancel Qatar, eliminate secret ballots for future host elections - and give myself great match seats."

Gary Tumelty writes: "I would accept a bribe to bring the World Cup to Jersey. A 1,000-seater stadium, big fence, 3G pitch."

Robert McKie may be a bit paranoid. He says: "If I was Fifa president, I would reinstate Blatter. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

But John Scott and Steven Marshall may be getting an early-morning visit from the FBI in the future.

John says: "If I was Fifa president, I would turn the organization into a gigantic money laundering scheme and make billions by selling contracts to the highest bidders."

Steven adds: "I would demand $100m bribes from Russia and Qatar, none of this paltry $10m."

From the left-field...

Fancy a World Cup group of Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina? Dougie Johnston does. He suggests: "Pop every team in one pot and draw. No seeds. Why should the bigger named countries get an easy run to finals?"

Will Mason is missing Rory Delap and the glory days of sending eight 6ft 4in players in under the goalkeeper's nose for a long throw. Will says: "I'd ban throw-ins. They're not very good anymore, are they?"

Rory Delap
An end to the throw-in? Will Mason hopes so

Among other left-field suggestions, Michael Keaveney says:"I would ensure the voting system wasn't based on the Eurovision Song Contest."

Nate E: "Decentralize powers & make FIFA weaker. Introduce video replays to help referees. Let players and fans select World Cup hosts."

Rob Cobban: "I would do away with local football administrators and allow football watching public to vote on decisions like World Cup hosting." the serious

Some of you, admirably, want to change the world and should enter politics. If you are not already in it.

Nii Amponsah says: "See to it that African and Asian teams and countries are given fair share of slots on the international stage and also help develop talented underprivileged kids an opportunity to showcase their talent."

Football in Brazil
Brazilian children in the Formiga favela kick a make-shift football around

Justin Krebs adds: "Stop putting World Cups in countries that can't afford them, don't have the right climactic conditions and don't have any infrastructure to support them."

Other comments include Alex Isaacs‏: "I would encourage all clubs to go public. Cap player wages and encourage charitable donations."

Dave‏: "I would ensure every World Cup is held in a country that meets an approved set of basic human rights."

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