Nicolo De Marchi: Juventus fan walks to Berlin for Barcelona ticket

Nicolo De Marchi
Nicolo De Marchi with Juventus mascots with the Brandenburg Gate in the background

"I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to see Morata score."

The Proclaimers have not re-worked their lyrics but one Juventus fan may well have nightmares when he hears their classic song after completing a colossal walk to the Champions League final.

Nicolo De Marchi has trekked 683 miles from Turin to Berlin - where his beloved Juventus meet Barcelona on Saturday - to get his hands on a ticket, which the Italian club said they would provide if he completed the journey to the prestigious final.

His efforts stem from a pledge he made when tweeting the club on their 'if we get to the final' hashtag prior to the Old Lady's semi-final win over Real Madrid.

Meet Nicolo De Marchi
Listen to dedicated Juventus fan talk to BBC World Service's Sportsworld about his 700-mile trek.

"I will go on foot," wrote the 22-year-old, who has passed through Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany on his route.

He arrived a day later than planned because, as he explained on Instagram, "the fatigue was so great".

Map of Europe
The distance from Turin to Berlin is similar to walking from Southampton to Newcastle and back again

Staff at Juventus - a club without a European Cup success since 1996 - were inundated with pledges from fans saying they would get tattoos or marry at the final if the club qualified.

And when they did, with a 3-2 aggregate win over Real, Nicolo received a shock when Juve issued their challenge.

The club said it "threw down the gauntlet" to Nicolo, who has been allowed to use a bike for parts of the journey and a car for 12 miles because of hazardous conditions, and he has now matched his words with his actions.

Nicolò De Marchi
"Just 160km separate you from Berlin. One last push," Juventus posted on Instagram on Thursday
Nicolo De Marchi
Images posted on Twitter and Instagram show student Nicolo has endured varying weather conditions
Nicolo De Marchi
Thursday was day eight of Nicolo's journey and he has averaged over 80 miles a day
Nicolo De Marchi
Nicolo's route saw him pass through the medieval city of Feldkirch in Austria

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