Champions League final: Agony and ecstasy of a Turin house party

You're in Turin, it's nearly time for the Champions League final between Juventus and Barcelona and you're wondering where to watch the game.

So, what do you do?

Watch in the local fan park? Perhaps find a nice bar?

Nope... the BBC World Service's Steve Crossman got an invite to a house party to watch the game, and charted the range of emotions felt by his hosts throughout the evening as Barcelona won 3-1.

Barcelona score after four minutes - not the best start to any party!

Juve fans

Spirits are raised when Juventus begin to improve...

Juve fans

It's all a bit of a blur as Juventus level through Alvaro Morata...

Juve fans

Parity is short-lived as, 13 minutes later, Luis Suarez makes it 2-1...

Juve fans

Meanwhile, on the streets of Barcelona...

Barcelona fans

Who thinks the ref was right to chalk out a Neymar goal for handball?

Juve fans

It's all over - Barcelona win 3-1 - but the Juventus fans are still proud, and even let Steve (second from left) in to a picture

Juve fans

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