Karl Oyston: Blackpool chairman banned and fined over texts

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston has been chairman of Blackpool since 1999

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston has been banned from all football activity for six weeks and fined £40,000 for sending abusive texts to a fan.

The punishment from the Football Association has been suspended for four weeks and will not start until 8 July.

The 47-year-old was charged with misconduct by the FA in March after allegedly referring to Stephen Smith as a "retard" when the fan criticised him.

Oyston admitted five charges of breaking FA Rule E3 last Thursday.

The ban, which was handed out by an independent regulatory commission, will last until 18 August - 10 days after the start of the League One season.

Oyston was also ordered to attend a mandatory education session and warned about his future conduct.

He had previously admitted sending the "unacceptable" texts in response to "a barrage of abuse" he received after his phone number was put on social media.

Blackpool protest
Blackpool fans staged numerous protests throughout the 2014-15 season

Oyston has also apologised "unreservedly" for the messages, which were sent last November.

During the text exchange, he is said to have used a number of swear words and also allegedly called Smith "educationally subnormal" and a "sad act".

It is also claimed he told Smith to "enjoy the rest of your special needs day out".

In April, Championship side Blackpool became the first team from any of the top four divisions to be relegated.

The next day, their fans threw fireworks and eggs before their 1-1 draw against Reading in a protest against the club's owners.

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