World-ranked 174 Guam stun India in World Cup qualifier

Guam national football team (blue)
Guam (in blue) joined Fifa in 1996, seen here against Australia in 2012

A country ranked 174 in the world, with a population of 165,000 and coached by a former Bognor Regis player has beaten India in qualifying for the World Cup.

Guam, defeated 16-0 and 19-0 during the 2002 tournament qualifying, recorded their first ever qualifier win with victory over Turkmenistan last week.

And now the Asian team, managed by Gary White, has beaten a country with a population of 1.25 billion 2-1 at home.

Guam sit top of Group D in round two of Asian 2018 World Cup qualification.

Where is Guam?
Guam is a Pacific island and a United States territory located 1,626 miles south of Japan.
Guam's diverse population includes Japanese, Chinese, and incomers from other Pacific islands. The indigenous Chamorro are a people of mixed Micronesian, Spanish and Filipino descent.
Tourism and the US military bases provide the island with its main sources of income.

If Guam progress from this round of qualifying they play in an additional round, which sees 12 teams split into two groups of six.

The top two teams from each group will qualify for the World Cup. The two third-place teams will play home-and-away over two legs. The winner will advance to the inter-confederation play-offs.

White, 40, was previously coach of the British Virgin Islands and Bahamas national team. He is one of 16 coaches on a Football Association scheme created to boost the number of English coaches in the Premier League.

He recently told "Our final outcome that we want is to put Guam football on the map, and I think that's happening already.

"And for the team to continue to develop. The prize, if you like, is to get to the World Cup, the Asian Cup, but we'll take each game at a time. It is a special time right now, I don't want to put an end on it. Can we qualify for the World Cup? We know it's going to be a tough road."

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