Fixture release day: 779 miles to Plymouth on a Tuesday night?

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How was 'fixture release day' for you?

Supporters faced with an 779-mile round trip on a Tuesday night

A wedding on the same day as a home fixture

Teams dealt tough starts

The fingers of blame pointed to the 2015-16 English football fixtures lists, which were published on Wednesday.

It was the football equivalent of waiting for Santa at midnight, as fans up and down the country switched on their devices for the big launch at 09:00 BST.

#FixtureReleaseDay was the most widely tweeted hashtag for this momentous event.

Among the serious ruminations on social media over the lists, there were moments of mirth:

Spare a thought for Carlisle

Carlisle are the most northerly team in the Football League, and are in a League Two featuring southern sides Exeter, Portsmouth, Yeovil and Plymouth.

They feared the worst and...

Carlisle United

The Pilgrims responded, via their account. At least, it will be light when you get back Carlisle fans - at 5am.

Plymouth Argyle

Festive fun?

It's been a heavy Christmas Day and you want a lie-in, but you realise you have to wake up at silly o'clock on Boxing Day because your team are away.

This was on the minds of Hartlepool and Yeovil, who had the proverbial beads of sweat pouring down them prior to the launch of the fixtures lists.

Hartlepool and Yeovil

Luckily for Pools fans it's Notts County at home, while Yeovil travel to Plymouth, which is less than two hours via the A38.

Over in League One, the camaraderie continued. Fancy a trip to London Road to watch Posh v Spireites on Boxing Day? It appears like they'll have a good spread.

Peterborough and Chesterfield

*Players got excited

If you are one of those people unmoved by the release of fixtures, then it's best to avoid Manchester United winger Ashley Young.

Manchester United winger Ashley Young

Just imagine. Meanwhile, the excitement seemed to increase tenfold when Blackburn centre-back Shane Duffy discovered who his team would face on 8 August. He should invite Ashley Young to the game.


It wasn't party-poppers everywhere, with Charlton midfielder Johnnie Jackson appearing to want a re-draw. The Addicks face QPR, Derby, Nottingham Forest, Hull and Wolves in the first month - he has a point.

Johnnie Jackson

*Not all the players got excited. Midfielder Stephen Hunt is without a club after Ipswich released him at the end of last season. "Don't like looking at fixtures not knowing where I will be and what it has for me!! Anyway back to gym work ready to rock," he tweeted. He followed that up with something more succinct:

Stephen Hunt

And finally... what's more important than a football match?

It's one of the biggest days of your life, but then you find out your team is playing at home. Quandary?

Ipswich offered words of sympathy to this one unlucky fan:

Ipswich Town

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