Harry Redknapp: England youngsters 'think they've made it'

Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp became Queens Park Rangers manager in 2012 but left in February this year

Harry Redknapp said many of England's young players "think they have made it" but need more club game time and must work harder.

England Under-21s' European U21 Championship campaign came to an end after they lost to Italy on Wednesday.

Before their exit Redknapp, 68, said: "Half of them play in the Championship, half can't get a game.

"The centre half, one of them can't get into Leicester's team. These guys need to play."

Leicester City's Liam Moore, 22 started for the Young Lions against Portugal and Sweden, and had a place on the bench against Italy, after making 14 appearances for the Foxes last season.

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Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson, meanwhile, spent last season on loan at West Ham.

Redknapp said "Jenkinson was out on loan because he can't get in Arsenal's team" and added that left-back Luke Garbutt "can't get in Everton's team".

The former Queens Park Rangers and Spurs manager also said many young players "don't work hard enough".

"They're first off the training pitch. They should be out there," he claimed.

"Even if they're only doing simple passing or shooting or dribbling. But they don't do it. They walk off, thinking, 'I've got a three or four-year contract, I've made it'."

Redknapp added England forward Raheem Sterling should want to stay with Liverpool and improve "under a bright manager" rather than join rivals Manchester City.

Players should be role models - Redknapp

Brendan Rodgers and Raheem Sterling
Liverpool have formally rejected a second bid from Manchester City for England forward Raheem Sterling

Redknapp has also criticised the off-field actions of some younger players, citing the example of Aston Villa's Jack Grealish.

Photographs of the 19-year-old posted online recently appeared to show midfielder Grealish lying in the street in Tenerife.

Redknapp added: "Footballers, with the amount of money they get, they get that money to be dedicated to their profession, to make sure that they set a good example to young kids who want to be footballers."

Redknapp on transfers

The 68-year-old started his managerial career with Bournemouth in 1983 and resigned from QPR in February this year, and said managers "are not really spending any time on transfers".

He added: "The chairmen are involved, the chief executives, scouts, heads of recruitment, whatever they're called.

"The days are gone when you can go and see a player five or six times before you sign them."

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has been criticised for his signings last summer, but Redknapp said Rodgers "wouldn't have brought all those players in".

"But if those players underperform, it's seen as the manager's fault, because the fans don't look any deeper than the manager," Redknapp said.

Redknapp on a management return

Harry Redknapp
Redknapp played for seven clubs during his career including Bournemouth, West Ham and Seattle Sounders

Redknapp quit QPR citing knee problems as the reason for the decision, but said he "feels a lot better" and that he could be tempted back into management.

"I wouldn't just take a job anywhere, you know, just for the sake of a few quid," he said.

"If there was an interesting project, then definitely. I don't feel old, I'm as sharp as ever. I would love to work with a young and upcoming coach somewhere and give him some experience.

"It would have to be something I really wanted to do. I'm not going to go working with somebody I don't like. I've enjoyed my time at every club I have worked at, I've been lucky, but I won't jump in and finish up working with a chairman I didn't like very much."

Redknapp on international football

Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson is poised to manage England at a third major tournament next summer

In 2010 Redknapp appeared destined to become England manager before the Football Association chose to appoint Roy Hodgson in 2012.

But despite an early 2014 World Cup exit the former Spurs manager does not believe England are far behind the world's best.

"I don't see many great teams in world football," he said.

"I see a lot countries with average players who wouldn't get anywhere near the England team. I watched the World Cup. Dirk Kuyt playing left wing back for the Dutch national team? He couldn't get a game for England.

"Argentina? They've got some great players but they've got some average ones as well. Ones that have come to play in England and you wouldn't give two bob for them.

"Uruguay have got three good players. I've been offered half the rest of them.

"Chile had a great World Cup, but their players, when they come to England, and I had two of them last year, you don't think, 'Well they're better players than the English players at Arsenal or Tottenham or Chelsea'."

And finally...

In the past, Redknapp said he could not use a computer, did not know what an email was and said Twitter "doesn't interest me".

Earlier this month however, the ex-West Ham manager joined the social media site.

"I still don't understand it," he said.

"I don't have a clue what it is. I don't even know how long it is going to last."

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