Copa America 'backside' incident: Chile's Jara may not be cited

Edinson cavani and Gonzalo Jara
Edinson Cavani (left) received a second yellow card for hitting out at Gonzalo Jara following the incident

Chile's Gonzalo Jara may only be punished for an incident in which he appeared to poke his finger against Edinson Cavani's backside at the Copa America if Uruguay formally complain.

Uruguay striker Cavani was dismissed for his reaction to the incident.

Adrian Lieza, on the disciplinary committee of South America football's governing body Conmebol, told Reuters it "won't take the initiative".

But he said if the Uruguayan FA makes a complaint, "we will hear it".

However, his comments would seem to contradict those of Conmebol official Alberto Lozada, who had said on Thursday its disciplinary panel "will open an investigation".

And Lieza added: "I understand that the Uruguayan Football Association will make a complaint."

Cavani was given a second yellow card after he slapped Jara, who went unpunished, in retaliation.

The incident involving the former West Bromwich Albion defender happened before team-mate Mauricio Isla scored to earn Chile a place in the semi-finals against Peru.

The match is scheduled for Monday.

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