Fifa stunt: Comedian Simon Brodkin to be charged by police

UK prankster Simon Brodkin was behind the protest at the news conference

British comedian Simon Brodkin is to be charged with trespassing by Swiss authorities after interrupting Sepp Blatter's news conference and showering the Fifa president with fake money.

Brodkin, 38, was arrested by police in Zurich but released after questioning.

"He will be charged for trespassing because he wasn't allowed to enter the building," a police spokesman said.

Blatter halted the news conference after Brodkin - whose stage name is Lee Nelson - threw fake banknotes at him.

"If there will be a trial it is still to be decided by the prosecutor. Trespassing in Switzerland is just prosecuted by request like other minor crimes," the police spokesperson added.

The comedian, who also interrupted Kanye West's Glastonbury set, almost boarded England's plane en route to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and also attempted to warm up with Manchester City players before a Premier League match against Everton in 2013.