392 tweets later... Dutch FA finally replies to irate Mexico fan

Watch highlights of Robben's contribution against Mexico

The late penalty which sent the Netherlands through to 2014 World Cup quarter-finals rankled with many Mexico supporters, but no more so than one particular fan whose daily gripe has finally been acknowledged by the Dutch FA.

For 392 consecutive days the supporter using the Twitter handle Josesomor26 has tweeted "no era penal" ("it wasn't a penalty") to the Dutch FA and Fifa accounts about the incident on 29 June 2014.

The fan's tweet on 29 June 2015: "One year... it wasn't a penalty"

The injury-time spot-kick was won by Arjen Robben and scored by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to give the Dutch a 2-1 victory over Mexico. Bayern Munich winger Robben later admitted he had dived during the game, although not for the penalty.

But Mexico captain Rafael Marquez, who fouled Robben, said at the time: "I spoke with Robben after the match and he told me that it was not a penalty."

Now, after more than a year of being tweeted "no era penal", the Dutch FA have responded to Josesomor26 with...

The Dutch FA tweeted the Mexican fan hours after his side won the Gold Cup

"Congratulations! @Josesomor26 #itwasapenalty"

So, was it a penalty?

Watch highlights of Robben's contribution against Mexico