1860 Munich fans face Bayern Munich shopping trip or jail

Bayern crest and 1860 Munich crest
Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich are local rivals

"I wanted to show that football is football and not a battlefield."

These are the words of judge Karin Jung, who gave two 1860 Munich fans the choice to buy Bayern merchandise for a fan they attacked - or spend 15 months in jail.

The defendants, who refused to name a third person involved when they ripped the jacket, shirt and straw hat off the Bayern fan last year, opted for the pride-swallowing trip to the rival club store.

"I thought about what would be really painful to them, and doing something like this really bothers this type of people," Jung - who got the victim's consent for the quirky sentence - told Bild newspaper.external-link

This was no cheap shopping trip though as according to their lawyer, the accused parted with around £350 each in compensation as well as handing over a Bayern hat, scarf and jersey in court.

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