Financial Fair Play: Brighton call for 'severe' QPR penalty

Brighton v QPR
Brighton and QPR both made the play-offs in 2014

Brighton chief executive Paul Barber says he expects QPR to be "punished severely" for allegedly breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

QPR, who were relegated from the Premier League last season, are challenging the legality of the Football League's FFP rules.

The west London club could face a fine of up to £58m.

"We took a view, as did most clubs, that we should comply with the rules," Barber told a BBC Sussex fans' forum.

"One club that did get promoted and is now back with us still has its case to be determined. We would expect them to be punished and punished severely: they gained from breaking the rules.

"We comply with every other rule, why wouldn't we with FFP as well?"

At the end of 2013-14 QPR were promoted via the play-offs, in which Brighton lost to Derby. The Hoops have since returned to the second tier.

In March, QPR announced losses of £9.8m, but £60m worth of loans were written off by owner Tony Fernandes and other shareholders.

"We're now in another set of rules and we have a bit more money to spend but so has everyone else," added Barber.

"The Premier League parachute payments have gone up so we haven't gained a lot. What it actually means is that people expect you to pay even more."

Meanwhile, Barber said the club was "relaxed" about the impact on the playing surface of staging two Rugby World Cup games next month.

"We had the opportunity with the England v France Under-20s game last season to see the effect these big guys have on our pitch," he said.

"We were pleasantly surprised to see the scarring was no worse than first-team football. Whether that changes at the next level up we'll see, but the groundstaff are very relaxed about the games and their ability to put the pitch right."

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