Henri Lansbury: Fawaz Al Hasawi denies Burnley bid accepted

Henri Lansbury
Henri Lansbury has scored 23 goals in 103 appearances for Forest

Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi has denied that a Burnley bid has been accepted for Henri Lansbury, just hours after club sources said a fee of £4m had been agreed for the midfielder.

Al Hasawi said:external-link "We have not accepted any bid for Henri. The manager must be consulted and a replacement identified before I accept a bid."

Lansbury, 24, joined Forest in 2012 and has a year left on his contract.

Manager Dougie Freedman said a previous bid "was not worth responding to".

He told BBC Radio Nottingham in July: "Burnley talk a very good game and try to throw their weight around.

"But Henri is my captain, he is a great guy to work with and has fantastic quality. That bid is not even worth a comment.

"As far as I am concerned the chairman has got a few quid. He is a good man, he has been fantastic with me and he has told me, 'you pick the team and decide who goes and comes'.

"The bids have come, but we don't need the money."

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