Wenger: FA should investigate how Diego Costa escaped red card

By Phil McNultyChief football writer at Stamford Bridge
Costa behaviour disgusting - Wenger

The Football Association should look into how Chelsea striker Diego Costa escaped a red card at Stamford Bridge, says Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

But Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho accused Wenger of moaning as Arsenal lost 2-0 and had two men dismissed.

Arsenal defender Gabriel was sent off after clashing with Costa at the end of the first half.

"He [Costa] will do the same again next week and the week after that and he always gets away with it," said Wenger.

When asked if the FA should take retrospective action, Wenger added: "That is the least they could do.

"Costa can do what he wants and yet he stays on and everyone who responds to him has to be sent off. He hits Koscielny in the face yet he gets away with it.

"I understand referee Mike Dean's decision to send Gabriel off. He was guilty and should not have got involved but why does Costa stay on the pitch after what he has done?

"Costa is always involved in provocation and he used the naivety of Mike Dean well. It is nothing to do with the strength of a referee. You expect him to make the right decision."

Diego Costa was man of the match - Mourinho

Mourinho responded by suggesting Costa was man of the match, adding: "I think you should speak about Gabriel Paulista, a good player, and his mistake.

"If you want to speak about Diego Costa, he plays like he has to play and that is why you have full stadiums and you sell the game to television around the world for millions, because the game has to be played like that."

And Mourinho likened Costa's physical approach and passion to those taking part in the Rugby Union World Cup.

He said: "I will go to a game on Sunday that I consider comparable in terms of dedication and passion - New Zealand against Argentina. I go because I love it and Diego was fantastic - man of the match."

Mourinho could not resist a swipe at Wenger as he said: "I have played against him 15 times and the only time he didn't moan was the day we lost in the Community Shield."

Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla was later dismissed for a late tackle on Cesc Fabregas.

'An overly officious petulant schoolteacher'

Garth Crooks criticises 'petulant' referee Mike Dean

Speaking on Final Score, former Tottenham striker Garth Crooks pulled no punches when delivering his assessment of Dean's decision to send off Gabriel.

"Mike Dean is a great referee but he has got one fault," Crooks said. "He wants to be the star too often, and it is really getting on my nerves because it's spoiling great games.

"Don't go looking for excuses to send players off, because that is not your job. People come to see great games of football, not to see you get overly officious like a petulant schoolteacher.

"If nobody had been sent off in that situation then nobody would have screamed. The only people interested in sending players off were the officials. Nobody else.

"The fans weren't and nor were the players. We all want to see 11 players playing against 11 players. We want to see a great game."

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