'I've got to prove myself' at Motherwell - Mark McGhee

Mark McGhee
Mark McGhee is poised to embark on his second stint in charge of Motherwell

Mark McGhee says he must prove himself anew to Motherwell supporters in his second spell in charge at Fir Park.

In 2008, McGhee led Well to third place in the top flight but left for Aberdeen after two years at the helm.

"You go to any club, you've got to prove yourself," said McGhee. "I don't think it's any different here.

"What I would hope is, the fact I've been here before and been relatively successful, it means it would give me a chance to prove myself."

The Scotland assistant manager will not, however, be taking undue heed of any dissenting voices among the club's fan base.

"I remember when I went to Brighton: there was a section of supporters through the internet saying, 'Why are they taking Mark McGhee?' I had just had a successful time at Millwall," McGhee recalled.

"Then I was there for three-and-a-half years and, when I left, the press guy told me the exact same names were glad to see me go, but they had been silent for three-and-a-half years.

"So, I don't think you can always trust these voices; I'm not going to concern myself with that.

"I'm going to go out there and try to prove to those people who are supporting Motherwell that I am the right man.

"Because of my relationship with the club and my affection for the club, I think I am entitled to come back and I am quite looking forward to being back."

Mark McGhee at Motherwell training
Mark McGhee led Motherwell to third place in Scotland's top flight in 2008

Turning the tables

McGhee is the first manager to return to Motherwell and made a significant impact on the club when he joined in 2007, turning a team that had flirted with relegation into an attractive, winning outfit.

That came after a tough pre-season, but he feels he can make a difference quickly this time, beginning with Saturday's visit of Celtic to Fir Park.

"I did it at Brighton, went in after a few games and got promoted; went into Millwall after a few games and won the league," the 57-year-old asserted.

"So it's possible to go in and be effective. When I joined both those clubs, they were languishing ninth or 10th.

"It's a different way of doing it than having a whole pre-season, but sometimes you work better to a deadline and, for me, the deadline is Saturday.

"I've not got three weeks to prepare them and wonder and look at this and that.

"You've got to get on with it, so I have to make decisions today about how to play, the shape of the team, how to stop Celtic but still be effective going the other way.

"I've got one day, but that's fine - there will be a lot of it I get wrong and a lot of it I get right and we'll take that on to the next game."

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