Jose Mourinho: Chelsea boss's legal team monitor 'shove' reports

No respect from media - Mourinho

Jose Mourinho's legal representatives are "closely monitoring" the reporting of an incident in which the Chelsea boss allegedly shoved a teenager in the back.

The boy filmed himself while the Portuguese boss could be seen walking behind him, but the video footage begins to shake as Mourinho overtakes.

A Chelsea spokesman said the behaviour was "overly intrusive".

He added there were two teenagers involved in the incident.

"While Jose understands the laws pertaining to filming in public places, the two teenagers in question followed him from his home for 20 minutes and constantly interrupted a private phone call," said the spokesperson, who criticised the tone of the reports.

"We also note the allegation of intimidation in those stories, which Jose strongly refutes and which his legal representatives will continue to monitor closely."

Mourinho rebuked media outlets on Friday for not showing him respect after publishing the video.

"I am going to treat your [media] bosses the way they treat me; no respect, no respect," said Mourinho.

"You don't get good and funny headlines from me now," added Mourinho. "I am not talking about football. I am ready to accept any kind of critics, even the stupid ones.

"I am talking about private lives and stupid things that you bring to light, I don't like it. We go to a different level of professional relationship now."

Mourinho has been caught up in controversy numerous times this season, including banishing team doctor Eva Carneiro from the bench and being handed a £50,000 Football Association fine for saying officials were "afraid" to award his side penalties.

The Blues have suffered their worst start to a top-flight season since 1978-79 and are 12th in the Premier League.

They have won just once in their last five games in all competitions and face fourth-placed West Ham United on Saturday.