MK Dons: Karl Robinson wants final-third videos for referees

Karl Robinson
Karl Robinson's MK Dons are one place above the Championship relegation zone

Referees should be able to use video technology to make decisions near the goal, says MK Dons boss Karl Robinson.

The Dons were refused a penalty in Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Brighton.

"I'm a massive advocate for video footage to aid referees' decisions in the final third of the football pitch," Robinson told BBC Look East.

"What happens in the middle third, for as much as it frustrates us as fans, we've got to have some talking points and freedom and human error."

He continued: "But what happens in the final third, something's got to be done about it, because the one against us on Saturday, it baffles me how they got that wrong."

Robinson was annoyed by a decision in the second half of Saturday's game, when Dons midfielder Samir Carruthers appeared to be fouled by Brighton defender Lewis Dunk.

The Dons manager said his side had been the victim of a number of poor decisions this season, including a goal in the 2-0 defeat by Hull he felt should have been disallowed.

"All I or any manager can do is ask for a work ethic from their group and attention to detail," said Robinson.

"When we go into such great detail on where you show players, how you try to deny space, how you try to get them in certain areas, you expect the last detail we should have to worry about is refereeing decisions.

"I'm not going to be one of those that suffers for 'oh, they even themselves out' - that's a load of rubbish.

"They shouldn't have to even themselves out and it's a cop-out for poor early decisions that people make."

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