Carlisle United hopeful of pitch condition despite flood

Brunton Park
Carlisle United's Brunton Park lies close to the River Petteril and River Eden

Carlisle United are hopeful their playing surface will be unaffected, despite the bursting of the River Petteril flooding Brunton Park.

Doncaster are expected to travel to Cumbria in the FA Youth Cup on Tuesday, in spite of the flooding.

The Environment Agency have been at the ground helping to remove the water.

"Knowing the ground the way we do and the surface, if we can get rid of this water we'll be ok," media officer Andy Hall told BBC Radio Cumbria.

"We're looking at six to 12 inches of water at its deepest towards the Waterworks End, just beyond the halfway line."

Brunton Park's location, close to the River Petteril and larger River Eden, has seen flooding to the pitch on several occasions, notably in 2004 when the city was seriously affected and also in 2009.