Neil Aspin: Gateshead manager pressured by hometown job

Neil Aspin
Neil Aspin managed FC Halifax between April 2009 and September 2015

Gateshead's new boss Neil Aspin says he feels under extra pressure as manager of his hometown club.

The 50-year-old saw his side win 1-0 against Chester on Saturday in his first game in charge of the team.

"Coming from Gateshead, it means a lot to come back to manage this club and hopefully I can do a good job," Aspin told BBC Newcastle.

Aspin joined Gateshead following a six-year spell as FC Halifax manager before he was sacked in September.

Malcolm Crosby was dismissed as Heed boss on 22 November.

"I think I am under added pressure because I'm from Gateshead and I want to do well for this club but I am certainly not full of my own importance," Aspin said.

Aspin believes he should be given time to prove himself at the National League club despite overseeing just one win in 10 matches this season with Halifax, prior to being sacked.

"I only ask as manager that I am given time to be assessed and when you have chance to bring in your own players then you live and die by your results," he added.

"I will demand that players work hard in games and demand a level of fitness from them and a level of dedication. If they do that then nobody can have any complaints."