Egypt climb back into African top 10 in Fifa rankings

Egypt's Mohammed Salah

Egypt have moved up from 11th to ninth in the list of African teams in Fifa's rankings for December.

Although the Pharaohs remained at 57th on the global list they rose two places in the continental rankings because DR Congo dropped eight places from 60th to 52nd in the world.

There was no change at the top of the African rankings with Ivory Coast at number one from Algeria.

Elsewhere in the top 10 Tunisia took over fifth place from Senegal.

Top African teams in Fifa's world rankings for December (world ranking in brackets):

1. (19) Ivory Coast

2. (28) Algeria

3. (33) Ghana

4. (39) Cape Verde

5. (40) Tunisia

6. (44) Senegal

7. (48) Congo

8. (50) Guinea

9. (57) Egypt

10. (59) Cameroon