Northampton Town players and staff paid after Thomas takeover

Northampton celebrate
Northampton are currently third in League Two

Northampton Town's players and staff have now all been paid their October and November wages after Kelvin Thomas' takeover of the League Two club.

Players and staff were not paid two months' wages by the club because of a winding-up petition over unpaid taxes.

It led the Professional Footballers' Association to step in and pay the players' wages.

"We can only pay tribute to the staff and players for their commitment and professionalism," said Thomas.

"It was a priority for us to pay the wages as soon as technically possible for our employees especially in the build up to Christmas."

The winding-up petition from HM Revenue & Customs was withdrawn following a court hearing on Monday after Thomas paid the £166,000 tax bill.

On December 11, an administration petition brought by Northampton Borough Council against the club is set to be heard.

But Thomas and the council have a memorandum of understanding in place over an unpaid £10.25m loan to the club for redevelopment work at Sixfields Stadium, which would would see the debt wiped out, with the council acquiring land near Sixfields for development in return.