FA Cup: Carlisle stay in south contributed to replay win - Curle

Carlisle United
Carlisle United last met Everton in the FA Cup in 2010 where they lost 3-1 in the third round

Carlisle United boss Keith Curle says an extended trip away from home helped the club reach the FA Cup fourth round.

Curle's side played at Barnet on Saturday and the squad stayed in the south before their penalty shoot-out win against Yeovil in the FA Cup.

"The football club are listening and that's a massive stride forward," the 52-year-old told BBC Radio Cumbria.

"We're in the job ultimately to entertain and get people involved in the football club and support us."

Curle praised the board for not expecting the team to return to Carlisle in between the two games, despite the extra costs involved.

"It's a massive hats off to the football club for backing me in the preparation. It was a massive expense but the football club bought into it," he added.

"In the past there was a section of the club that was run on cost and savings because money is tight, but now, even within that, value has been added to it."

Carlisle beat Yeovil 5-4 on penalties to set up a fourth round tie away at Premier League side Everton and Curle believes they can match the numbers of fans taken to Liverpool in the League Cup earlier this season

"We took 6,000 supporters to Liverpool and made a lot of friends because of how we conducted ourselves, how we played and performed, and it would be nice to make friends on the blue side of Merseyside," the former England defender added.

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