Phil Jagielka: Everton skipper hits out at 'arrogant' referee

Atkinson has been a Premier League referee since 2005
Martin Atkinson has been a Premier League referee since 2005

Phil Jagielka has called referee Martin Atkinson "arrogant" following Everton's controversial defeat by Manchester City in the League Cup semi-finals.

The Toffees skipper says he tried to speak to Atkinson to discuss City's dubious second goal but was surprised at the official's response.

"He told me my defending was brilliant," said Jagielka.

"It's difficult when things start going the wrong way and they become a little bit arrogant."

Everton were eventually beaten 3-1 on the night to lose the tie 4-3 on aggregate and therefore miss out on a League Cup final against city rivals Liverpool.

But City's second goal was scored by Kevin de Bruyne after the ball appeared to go out before it was cut back by Raheem Sterling.

"The replays show it's not just an inch or so out," said Jagielka.

"You expect the officials that are supposed to be of a high standard to spot that, but this obviously wasn't one of those nights."

The England defender was also "baffled" by the decision to penalise Everton for a foul throw in the build-up to the second goal.

Atkinson took action when Toffees defender John Stones had not even thrown the ball in by the halfway line.

"He told me it was a foul throw, but I don't understand how it can be a foul throw if you've not actually thrown the ball in," said Jagielka.

BBC Sport contacted Professional Game Match Officials, the body which represents Premier League referees, but it declined to comment.