Scottish referees assessing post-match interviews pilot in A-League

By Jonathan SutherlandBBC Scotland
Interview - Crawford Allan

Scottish referees are watching a pilot scheme in Australia where match officials give post-match interviews "with interest".

If successful it could eventually lead to referees in Scotland speaking to the media to explain big decisions.

But chairman of the Scottish Senior Football Referees Association, Crawford Allan, admits that is some way off.

"Perhaps in the future, and perhaps only for certain decisions," Allan told BBC Scotland.

Referees in this season's A-League have conducted media interviews after games to explain controversial incidents.

"The Australian A-League are trialling in very strict situations and it's only - I think - penalties or major decisions the referees are offering up about an hour after the game the opportunity to be spoken to," Allan explained.

"I am aware it is something they are looking at, and we will watch with interest and see what happens.

"We're not there, in terms of anything like that. But we are aware of things like that happening around in the world, and through Congress and our working groups it is something we are always open to look at.

"At the end of the day we just want the best for football."

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