Price of Football: How much has changed in five years?

Ticket prices: Who has the Premier League's most expensive tickets?

The cost of watching football has become a major talking point yet again, following a protest by Liverpool fans last weekend.

How much more are fans paying now compared to five years ago?

The BBC's Price of Football study has the answers.

The five-year figures

  • The average cost of the most expensive matchday ticket in the Premier League has risen by 12% to £56.63 since 2011 - when the BBC's study was first conducted.
  • However, last year's figure is less than the average cost in 2012, which peaked at £59.42.
  • The average cost of the cheapest matchday ticket in England's top flight has risen by 20% in five years - from £25.56 in 2011 to £30.68 in 2015.
  • Between 2012 and 2015, the average price of the cheapest season ticket has risen by 16% to £513.95, while the average price of the most expensive season ticket in the same period has gone up by 9% to £886.21.

The top fives from the Price of Football 2015

Which club sells the most expensive season ticket in the Premier League?

1. Arsenal - £2,013

2. Tottenham - £1,895

3. Chelsea - £1,250

4. West Ham - £955

5. Manchester United - £950

Which club sells the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League?

1. Stoke - £294

2. Manchester City - £299

3. Aston Villa - £335

4. Leicester - £365

5. Sunderland - £370

And who sells the cheapest matchday ticket to adults?

1. £22 - Leicester City

2=. £23 - Aston Villa and Crystal Palace

4=. £25 - Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom, West Ham

What about the most expensive matchday ticket for adults?

1. £97 - Arsenal

2. £95 - West Ham

3. £87 - Chelsea

4. £81 - Tottenham

5. £59 - Liverpool

Could things change in 2016-17?

Last year's Price of Football study analysed more than 700 tickets, with 70% seeing a price freeze or reduction.

As it stands, eight of the 20 Premier League clubs have already released their season ticket prices for the 2016-17 campaign.

West Ham have brought down their prices,external-link as they prepare to move to the Olympic Stadium in the summer.

Arsenal, Manchester United, Newcastle, Norwich and Swansea have all frozen their prices, and Liverpool have now decided to do the same after scrapping their controversial plans to raise the top-price tickets.

The majority of Crystal Palace's season ticket prices will stay the same, although there will be an increase in one section of the ground. external-link

When contacted by BBC Sport, 11 clubs said their price ranges have not yet been decided and will be released later in the year.

You can download the full results of the Price of Football 2015 here (pdf 536 KB).

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