St Paul's beat Jersey Scottish 2-0 to claw back 'impossible' gap

Jersey Scottish v St Paul's
Jersey Scottish beat St Paul's 3-2 at the start of this season

St Paul's manager Paul Brannan says his side have clawed back an "impossible" gap between themselves and Jersey Scottish at the top of the league.

Saints beat the Scots 2-0, thanks to goals from Craig Leitch and Michael Weir, to go level with Scottish.

Scottish had been five points clear after beating Saints in August.

"I can remember them saying the five-point gap after the first week of the season would be an impossible thing to claw back," Brannan said.

"Well here we are, level on points and looking for a really exciting run-in now," he told BBC Radio Jersey.

Both sides are on 28 points with three games left, and both sides still have to face third-placed Jersey Wanderers, who are eight points behind with two games in hand.

The two clubs have dominated Jersey football, having won every title bar one since 2004.

"We're really pleased that we've got the three points and we're level with Scottish back at the top of the table," added Brannan.

"The momentum that hopefully this gives us over the next three games remaining will be huge, I hope."

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