Manchester City freeze season-ticket prices for next season

Man City fans
Some Manchester City fans called for a cap of £20 on away tickets in the Premier League

Manchester City will freeze season-ticket prices next season, matching the commitment made by Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

City supporters' organisation the 1894 Group, which has criticised the club's ticket prices, said it was a "step in the right direction".

But, in a statement, the group added: "It's vital we keep the pressure on the club and use our collective voices."

Swansea are also among the Premier League teams to cap their prices.

West Ham, meanwhile, will lower season-ticket prices for their move to the Olympic Stadium for 2016-17.

Liverpool cancelled plans to introduce a £77 ticket next season after thousands of fans walked out of Anfield after 77 minutes of their game with Sunderland in February.

In March, all Premier League clubs agreed to cap the price of tickets for away supporters at £30.

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