Danny Butterfield: Exeter City coach's playing career 'coming to an end'

By Brent PilnickBBC Sport
Danny Butterfield
Danny Butterfield's last appearance was at Stevenage on 27 February

Exeter City player-coach Danny Butterfield says his playing career is coming to an end.

The 36-year-old defender, who took up a coaching role at St James Park last year, has not featured in City's first team since the end of February.

"Regarding the playing, I know in my head that things are slowly coming to an end," he told BBC Sport.

"I'm not knocking on (manager) Paul Tisdale's door asking why I'm not playing every week, that's for sure."

Butterfield has been at Exeter for three seasons, having spent eight years at Crystal Palace, where he famously scored a six-minute hat-trick against Wolves in the FA Cup in 2010.

Danny Butterfield
Danny Butterfield has not scored a goal since getting a six-minute hat-trick for Crystal Palace against Wolves in the FA Cup in 2010

"At the minute it is a little bit of an emergency style usage of myself," Butterfield added of his role within the Exeter playing squad.

"We've not openly discussed where we're going forward with that, I'm sure next season it'll be more coaching-based, with perhaps the registration still being held as a 'what if'.

"I'm enjoying what I'm doing with Tis (Tisdale) and the rest of the coaching staff and I'm certainly enjoying working with the lads on the coaching front and I hope they're enjoying working with me.

"I'm thankful to Tis for giving me the opportunity to use the transition into the coaching.

"It's a win-win for both as Tis uses me if and when and I'm alongside him every day in training and close to the boys trying to get the best out of them."

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