Bournemouth: Callum Wilson says he will 'Facetime' Tommy Elphick at his wedding

Callum Wilson and Tommy Elphick
Callum Wilson (left) says his six-month lay-off has given him plenty of time to plan his wedding - team-mate Tommy Elphick (right) is due to be married on the same day

It is the nightmare nobody wants. You spend months planning your wedding only to find out one of your good friends has also booked theirs for the same day.

That is exactly the situation that Bournemouth team-mates Callum Wilson and captain Tommy Elphick have found themselves in.

Striker Wilson, 24, and defender Elphick, 28, are both getting married at the same time on Saturday, 4 June, with more Cherries players expected at one wedding than the other.

Former Coventry forward Wilson told BBC Radio Solent: "I've not invited any of the lads. If Tommy wants to invite them then he can - he's been here longer than me.

"I don't want to tread on anyone's toes, and mine is also back in the Midlands.

"We may 'Facetime' each other as we go down the aisle," joked Wilson, who has scored five goals - including a hat-trick against West Ham - during a season badly disrupted by a serious knee injury sustained in September.

Tommy Elphick and his fiancée, Hannah Kearney.
Tommy Elphick, seen here on the beach with his fiancee Hannah Kearney has had minimal involvement in the planning of his wedding

Wilson, who returned to action last month, says the six-month lay-off has given him plenty of time to help organise aspects of his wedding, whereas Elphick has had little involvement in getting ready for his big day.

"I've had a lot of time sitting around, so I've helped where I can with the suits and honeymoon," said Wilson, whose side end their debut season in the Premier League away at Manchester United on Sunday.

However, there is no doubt who wears the trousers in the Wilson household: "Ladies like to take control and my fiancee has done the majority of the planning. I've let her deal with most of it."

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