Philippe Montanier expects Nottingham Forest to make 'several' new signings

Philippe Montanier
Philippe Montanier has previously managed in France and Spain

New head coach Philippe Montanier believes Nottingham Forest will make "several" signings this summer.

Forest have confirmed the arrival of Greek striker Apostolos Vellios since Montanier took over earlier this week.

And the 51-year-old Frenchman expects to work closely with newly-installed director of football Pedro Pereira in order to further revamp the squad.

"I have to (first) assess the level of the squad. But sure, we will recruit several players," said Montanier.

"We want to recruit several players to be strong for the Championship."

Montanier was brought in from Rennes, having previously been in charge at Spanish club Real Sociedad.

And with Pereira having worked in Italy and Portugal, he believes they can utilise their overseas contacts to add depth and quality to the squad.

He explained: "We will work together. In France and in Spain it is usual to have a sporting director and a coach working together.

"We have a very good relationship, good contacts in different countries, and we will work together to get a good squad for Nottingham Forest.

"It's good if you have players from Britain, because the integration is better, but a lot of players want to play in England - the Championship is very attractive.

"It's not dependent on nationality. The quality of the player is the first priority."

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