Jess Fishlock: 'I'll fly to Paris if Wales reach Euro 2016 final'

Jess Fishlock

If Wales get to the Sunday's European Championship final in Paris, I'm going to fly from America to France to watch the game.

My plan is to get on a flight after Seattle Reign's game against Western NY Flash on Saturday.

When your nation does something like what we're doing right now, at some point you want to be a part of it.

I'll be going to the George and Dragon pub after training on Wednesday to watch the semi-final against Portugal - it will be noon here when the game kicks off.

The challenge for Wales

Portugal are in the semi-final for a reason. They didn't just fall into that.

They might not have won a game in 90 minutes, but they haven't lost a game either.

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Manager Chris Coleman believes Wales' success in the Euro 2016 championship is "not the end of the journey"

They're going to be difficult to play against and will pose a threat with individual players, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

It's not going to be an easy game, but I trust that Chris Coleman and the boys know what they are going to do and are going to come through it.

I think they are going to win, I really do.

The team's performances and results have caught the Welsh public's imagination over the last few weeks.

Together Stronger... at last

I think people in Wales now realise that football and the national team is something we should proud of and support hugely.

It's taken a while, but to see what's happening now has probably been worth the wait.

Everyone is behind this team.

What the Together Stronger campaign has shown is that as a nation, if we want to get anywhere we have to be together and on the same page.

It does bring you closer together. We have to be there for each other.

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Euro 2016: Wales 3-1 Belgium highlights

They're doing something incredible, but at the same time they're enjoying it as if were having a game of five-a-side in the park with their mates.

We've got a great team who really want to do well for each other.

The quarter-final win over Belgium emphasised what we're all about as a nation. The character they had, after going a goal down, was incredible.

All alone with a blank screen

When you put everything together it has to be one of the best ever performances from a Welsh team.

Before the Belgium game I was training with Seattle and I quickly ran to the locker room as soon as it was over.

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The game was on the big screen and I sat unmoved for about two hours.

I ended up being the last one in the changing rooms, sat by myself looking at this blank screen trying to understand what was happening.

It was quite phenomenal.

Jess Fishlock was talking to BBC Wales Sport's Aled Williams.

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