A German Team: Borussia Monchengladbach adopt new name

Gladbach Twitter

It began with a joke, but now Borussia Monchengladbach seem to have fully embraced a new title given to them by a pub in Glasgow.

A Twitter post showing a sign outside the Scottish bar went viral after the author seemingly gave up attempting to spell "Monchengladbach" - instead opting for "A German Team".

Gladbach saw the funny side, changing their own English account's Twitter handle to "A German Team" and using it on their team-sheet on social media when they faced Celtic in the Champions League.

But now fans can grab a piece of merchandise reminding them of the anecdote, with scarves sporting the Bundesliga side's 'new name' on sale in the club shop.

Gladbach beat the Scottish champions 2-0 and they meet again in Germany next Tuesday.

Gladbach club shop

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