Price of Football 2016: How much is the Championship?

Huddersfield fans
Huddersfield offer the cheapest matchday and season tickets in the Championship

Which Championship clubs charge more than the Premier League for away tickets?

Where can you have a day out for less than £25?

The BBC's Price of Football study has analysed data from 223 clubs across Britain and Europe to find out how much is costs supporters to follow their team.

Have Championship ticket prices gone up?

Overall, 36% of ticket prices in the division went up compared to last year's study - the biggest percentage increase across the men's leagues in the UK.

The average cost of the cheapest matchday ticket has gone up to £22.11 - a six-year high - while the most expensive matchday tickets average £36.13.

The average season ticket prices are at their lowest since 2013 - with the cheapest averaging £322.83 and the most expensive averaging £568.15.

Why are some clubs charging more than the Premier League for away tickets?

Average price of the most expensive away ticket

A £30 away ticket cap was introduced in the Premier League at the start of the season, in the same year that a record £8bn TV rights deal came into effect.

With no cap in the Championship, the average price of the most expensive away ticket is £31.57 - more than £2 dearer than the top flight.

However, the average in the cheapest away ticket category has fallen by 9% to £20.98 since last year.

Twelve Championship clubs offer away tickets for more than £30: Aston Villa, Barnsley, Brentford, Brighton, Derby, Ipswich, Leeds, Newcastle Norwich, Nottingham Forest, QPR and Sheffield Wednesday.

Who is the cheapest in the Championship?

  • Birmingham City and Huddersfield offer the cheapest single adult ticket in the division at £15, while Sheffield Wednesday have the most expensive at £49 - although this is has been reduced by £3 from last season.
  • Relegated clubs Aston Villa, Newcastle and Norwich are the only teams who have frozen or reduced tickets in all categories analysed.
  • The cheapest season tickets are sold at Huddersfield and Wigan for £179. Cardiff, Nottingham Forest, Reading and Fulham have also reduced their cheapest season tickets.
  • Ipswich offer the most expensive season ticket in the division at £842 - more than the most expensive season ticket at 12 Premier League clubs.
Birmingham City graphic
A day out consists of a cheapest matchday ticket, a pie, a programme and a cup of tea

What about pies, teas and shirts?

  • Brighton and Fulham both sell a pie for £4 - the most expensive in the league. Sixteen clubs have increased their pie prices this season. Burton Albion and Wigan sell the cheapest at £2.60.
  • Bristol City and Fulham have the priciest cup of tea at £2.50 - the joint most expensive in the UK. Burton Albion's tea is the lowest in the league at £1.30.
  • All programmes are priced between £3 and £3.50. Brentford and Huddersfield have put their prices up, while QPR's has been reduced.
  • Junior and adult shirt prices have been increased by 3% over the last year and now average £34.66 and £45.50 respectively.
  • Burton Albion have the cheapest junior shirt in the top four divisions - having lowered it to £22.50. Sheffield Wednesday's adult shirt is the most expensive in the Championship at £55 - the same price as Premier League clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham's shirts.

Championship deals to shout about

  • Reading have a young adult initiative, which offers 18 to 24-year-olds matchday tickets for £10 and season tickets for £135
  • Brighton's tickets include travel to and from the ground for home and away fans by public transport or park and ride, valued at £4 per game for adults
  • Burton Albion's prices were frozen for two years in 2014 for existing season ticket holders, meaning Championship football at League Two prices
  • At Huddersfield, every home season card was priced at £179 for the first 10,000 fans

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