John Askey: Macclesfield Town boss criticises referee after Dover abandonment

Moss Rose
The top picture shows Moss Rose when the game was suspended and the bottom one when the game was called off

Macclesfield boss John Askey has called for referee Antony Coggins to be suspended after his decision to abandon their game against Dover after 55 minutes because of fog at Moss Rose.

Askey's side were leading 1-0 when the game was suspended, before being called off after a second inspection.

A win would have moved the Silkmen to five points off the play-off places.

"It is probably the worst decision there has ever been in football," Askey, 52, told BBC Radio Manchester.

"That's not an overstatement, normally you call a game off because you can't play but the weather has got better, it's better now than when we started.

"It's just a ludicrous decision and I just hope the referee gets reported and gets suspended.

"The referee said it was getting that we couldn't see the ball so we came off for 15 minutes and if it got better we would restart the game.

"You can clearly see both goals and the pitch and there is no reason why you would call the game off."

BBC Sport has contacted the Football Association for a reply to Askey's comments, while the National League declined to comment.

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