Braintree Town: National League club need council help for new stadium, says chairman

Cressing Road
Braintree's Cressing Road ground can hold up to just over 4,000 supporters

Braintree Town chairman Lee Harding says the club need council help over a new stadium, or risk future problems.

Cressing Road has been the club's home from its Essex League days, but they have wanted a new ground since 2004.

They hoped to be part of the proposed Panfield Lane development, but Harding says this seems to have collapsed.

"If we don't get some form of support from Braintree Council soon, we'll find the club going backwards at an alarming rate," Harding told BBC Essex.

"We have been trying to work with Braintree Council for 12 or 13 years and at this moment I don't think we've any progress at all.

"That's a real shame. You look at the progress the football club has made and it's a success story for the town. We were within touching distance of the Football League last season."

Harding said Cressing Road was "home", but that the club hoped to use any proceeds from a sale of the ground towards a new stadium.

A Braintree District Council spokesperson said: "We've been in discussions with the football club for some time to see if we could help them in their pursuit to create a new stadium.

"Despite trying to find a suitable solution which was right for the football club, the community as a whole and taxpayers, we regret that we've not been able to find a way forward.

"While it remains an important local asset, as a council we have a responsibility to invest taxpayers' money wisely and prioritise according to need, for example the health investments we have recently announced."

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