Bob Bradley: Swans boss says criticism from some ex-players is 'garbage'

Bob Bradley
Bob Bradley has won just one of the seven games he has taken charge of since his appointment as Swansea City boss in October

Swansea City boss Bob Bradley says some of the criticism aimed at him from ex-players has been "garbage."

Bradley, the first American to manage in the Premier League, has won only one game since taking charge in October.

Bradley believes his nationality is leading to "cheap shots," and dismissed some of his critics for fixating on his accent and making up stories about him.

"I've coached far bigger players than some of the pundits who now like to talk," he said.

"Somebody said something about 'offence and defence', I've never spoken like that and I've never used those words in relation to football.

"The idea that somebody throws that out there is just garbage."

The Swans are bottom of the Premier League having won only one of Bradley's first seven games in charge and two games all season.

A problem with nationality

Bradley, who succeeded Francesco Guidolin in October, was the first football appointment made by Swansea's new US owners and the former Le Havre and Egypt boss feels his nationality has been used against him.

"My sense is that there are parts of the press in the UK that like to be clever, so they look for anything that they think is different, funny, interesting whatever," he said.

"I've had my chance to prove myself on the job and so when people on the outside, who are paid to talk, take cheap shots, whatever.

"It's just not something I'm going to spend any time with. And again, sometimes I'm going to say 'field' instead of 'pitch', I could try to sound like I'm from the UK, but it would come off very poorly, and that's not who I am.

"Some of the phrases that get thrown out there, listen, nobody that has been involved in football for a long time talks like that. It's just people making stuff up."

Bob Bradley and Fabio Capello
Bob Bradley managed the USA between 2006 and 2011

Bradley, who managed the USA at the 2010 World Cup - where they topped their qualification group ahead of England - believes he has the respect of his players who do not care about his accent.

"Players love to joke around," he said. "Do they give me some stick behind my back? Probably they do, I hope so. Having said that, none of them could care less where I come from.

"It's up to me how I speak to them, with training and everything; it's up to me to earn credibility and respect.

"Look, I understand, I knew that I would have to fight every day for respect. That's fine and I'll continue to do it."

Unfazed by pundits

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‘Swansea didn’t quite work out’ - Giggs

Bradley says he was not offended when pundits said that Swansea should have appointed Ryan Giggs instead of him.

"There are some ex-pros that have real information, they look hard at the game," he told BBC Radio Wales Sport.

"The idea that some of them who played with Ryan Giggs feel strongly that he would have been a good choice, good for them. I don't have a problem with that.

"That's proper respect for a guy they played with who they think deserves a chance.

"There is nothing to be said about that. That is fair and is a far cry from someone who said from the beginning that they didn't like my accent. Because come on, that's nothing to do with anything."

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