2018 World Cup qualifiers: FAW confirms Wales have 3,300 tickets for Dublin

Wales fans at Euro 2016
Wales fans saw their team reach the Euro 2016 semi-finals in France

The Football Association of Wales has confirmed it has been given 3,300 tickets for away fans for the World Cup qualifier against the Republic of Ireland in Dublin on 24 March.

The chairman of Wales' fan group, Vince Alm, was "quite shocked" at the figure.

He expected 10% of the Aviva Stadium's 51,700 capacity, not 6.5%.

Wales' Cardiff City Stadium has a 33,280 capacity and Republic of Ireland fans have been offered 10% of the tickets for their visit.

Speaking before the allocation was confirmed, Alm said: "Wales fans will be furious about it, I'm sure."

'Penalised for having a smaller stadium'

Alm does not believe the allocation will be "anywhere near" the demand.

He said: "It's obviously a big stadium and we were expecting our normal 10% allocation.

"That's what's been talked about, which would take us just over 5,000.

"We're being penalised for having a smaller stadium, if it's true.

"We're giving them 10% of the crowd and we're only having five or six per cent of the crowd in Ireland."

'Let's do the gentleman's agreement'

Alm has urged the FAW to offer Republic of Ireland fans the same percentage of tickets as their governing body offer Wales supporters.

He said 10% of tickets was "the going rate is almost wherever you go in the world".

"Occasionally - very, very occasionally - you'll be offered less than 10%, but the majority of stadiums you go to, if you've got enough interest, they'll offer you 10% and you take it," he said.

"Whatever they offer us, I would go tit-for-tat and I would reduce their (allocation) to five or six per cent.

"But ultimately, let's do the gentleman's agreement and have the 10%."

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