Brendan Rodgers' Celtic break Lisbon Lions 50-year domestic club record

Celtic win the League Cup
Celtic's record-equalling run of 27 unbeaten domestic games has seen them lift the Scottish League Cup

Celtic have broken the Lisbon Lions' record of 26 consecutive domestic games unbeaten with the 4-0 victory against Hearts in Sunday's Scottish Premiership clash.

Brendan Rodgers' men surpassed the benchmark set by Jock Stein's all-conquering European champions of 1967.

BBC Scotland examines the league leaders' domestic supremacy, and compares the team of today, and the landscape in which they operate, with their totemic counterparts of half a century ago.

The manager - Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers celebrates Celtic's win over St Johnstone
Brendan Rodgers has guided Celtic to 27 domestic games without defeat this season

"It is a huge achievement considering the great history of this club. We are very proud. The players now stand on their own, 27 games unbeaten. Our job now is to keep it going for as long as we can.

"It is an incredible run and every accolade they get they deserve because of their focus, the spirit within the team and the quality of the football they are producing.

"We have set the challenge going forward. We have to keep winning and that comes from our work, our concentration and making sure we take care of all the background noise that goes around them and just focus on the job."

The pundit - Archie MacPherson, former BBC Scotland commentator

On comparing 1967 with 2017

"If you take Celtic's achievement this season in isolation, it's marvellous. For any team to be undefeated in that number of games is superb, in any competition.

"But if you're going to compare eras, you put a different perspective on it. Consider what Scottish football was like in 1967. Celtic won a European trophy, Rangers were in a European Cup-Winner's Cup final.

Celtic parade the 1967 European Cup
Celtic's Lisbon Lions won the European Cup in 1967

"Kilmarnock had got to the semi-final of the Fairs Cup, and Dundee United, in their debut in the competition, had beaten the Fairs Cup holders, Barcelona.

"That just gives you a taste of the breadth of quality and attainment that was in Scottish football. That doesn't exist at this moment.

"That doesn't detract in the slightest from what Celtic are doing - they're asked to go and win games, and they're doing that. They've got the challenge from other clubs but it's much, much weaker."

On the lack of a challenge to Celtic

"Rangers, by comparison to what they were in '67, are relatively impotent, because of circumstances we all know about. That's taken a lot of the challenge away.

Celtic celebrate beating Rangers at Ibrox
Celtic have beaten Rangers three times this season, with an aggregate scoreline of 8-2

"I'd get to the point of saying, why haven't Celtic, in the four years where they've had this huge financial domination, not won a treble? That's one of the questions you have to ask.

"I think it poses the question to Scottish football as a whole - how long is this going to go on? People like a challenge in football, they like contests and competitions.

"Celtic are hugely financially superior to everybody else, and I think this will go on. They may set new records indeed."

How does Brendan Rodgers measure up to Jock Stein?

Jock Stein and Brendan Rodgers
Archie MacPherson says it's difficult to compare legendary Celtic manager Jock Stein with Brendan Rodgers, his present-day counterpart

"I always find it difficult to apply my regard and admiration for Stein to other managers. I think he was distinct and unique. That doesn't detract from my appreciation of what other managers have been able to do.

"I've talked to players in England who worked under Rodgers in England and regard him as the best coach they've ever worked with. If you marry that interpretation to the fact he's with the club he's always loved, then it's a potent force."

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