Gylfi Sigurdsson committed to Swansea City, says Paul Clement

Gylfi Sigurdsson
Gylfi Sigurdsson has more assists (11) than anyone else in Europe's top five leagues

Swansea City boss Paul Clement says star player Gylfi Sigurdsson is purely focused on helping the club avoid relegation from the Premier League.

The Icelandic midfielder has recently been quoted as saying it would be a "dream" to play for one of the big European clubs.

Clement has previously said Sigurdsson would flourish at that level.

But the Swans' head coach said: "[He] is very motivated to play well here and to help us remain in this league."

Clement said he had no problems with Sigurdsson, 27, having aspirations to better himself.

"I think it's good for a young player to have ambition to play at the very highest level. I don't have any problem with him saying that", said the former Paris St-Germain and Real Madrid assistant manager.

"I have had no conversation with him at all about anything else, about going elsewhere or playing elsewhere.

"Everything has been about training hard and doing the best he can at Swansea. I see that every day in training.

"If anyone asks me and has asked me about the top players, what divides the top players from the not so top players? It is 'yes' they have talent. But they have an unbelievable work ethic.

"All the best players I have worked with have this work ethic. Gylfi has this work ethic."

Sigurdsson's contribution to Swansea City's season has been formidable. He has scored eight goals and has 11 assists.

Clement realises this is sure to make him a target - with Newcastle, West Ham United and Everton linked in recent months.

"That will always be the case. It will always be the case for all clubs that are below the very very top ones in Europe," Clement added.

"They will always be looking for better players so that is no surprise."

But the Swans boss urged fans not to worry about Sigurdsson's future.

"No not at all. They should not worry about this," he said.

"The focus is on now. The focus is on preparing for Middlesbrough, then it will move onto preparing for Tottenham.

"It will move on to the remaining nine games and when it gets to the end of the season we will know very clearly about where we will be playing next season and plans can move forward from there."

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