Celtic: Brendan Rodgers happy to take title whenever it comes

Brendan Rodgers' side will be crowned champions if Dundee beat Aberdeen on Friday night
Brendan Rodgers' side will be crowned champions if Dundee beat Aberdeen on Friday night

Brendan Rodgers says regardless of when his Celtic side win the title, it will be down to their own hard work.

The league leaders will tie up their sixth consecutive title on Friday night if Aberdeen lose against Dundee.

Failing that, Celtic can secure the championship when they play Hearts at Tynecastle on Sunday.

"People will tell you it's better to do it yourself but if it happens tonight it's purely because of all the great work done beforehand," Rodgers said.

"We are close to the finish line and however we get over it, I am not too bothered.

"But if there is a preferential way I would probably say win on Sunday and celebrate."

Rodgers said he would watch the Dundee-Aberdeen game before his team take on Hearts, where their league season began with a 2-1 win in August.

"If I look back at the season we've had until coming back (to Tynecastle) it's been remarkable," he said.

"It is a great mark of how the team has progressed. I look back to that game and we won it, it was tough, we played well in patches but it was only really the beginnings of the team working together.

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"To go back there this early with the chance to win it, it really shows the level and how much the players have developed."

'It will be a huge honour for me'

Rodgers says that has been the most pleasing aspect of his first season in charge.

"We have had many outstanding performances throughout the course of the season but that personal satisfaction comes from watching that relationship between the training and going into the game," he said.

"We have only just begun really because there's still an awful lot of development in this team and that's the real exciting part of it.

"It will be a huge honour for me, taking the club in my first year here to the title.

"I said when I came in that my job was to win it in the best way we possibly could.

"You can win something and it is not the same feeling but if you win and foster the spirit that you have here at this club can make it really special, and the way we have played football.

"For me, to share that with the players and the coaching staff and everyone at the club, to make everyone a champion, of course will be really special."

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