Paul Clement: Swansea City boss 'surprised' not to hear from ref chief Mike Riley

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford was selected for Euro 2016 just four months after making his senior debut for Manchester United

Swansea boss Paul Clement says he was "surprised" not to receive any contact from referees' chief Mike Riley after the 1-1 draw with Manchester United.

United led from a disputed penalty after a challenge on Marcus Rashford, with Clement claiming the forward 'deceived' referee Neil Swarbrick.

"I have had no communication at all from anyone," he explained.

"It surprised me because of the nature of it and the position that we are in. I've not heard from Mike Riley."

He continued: "I chose not to put any call into the FA on this occasion I felt that I had made my point very clearly in the media afterwards.

"We've had our fair share [of poor decisions] and all these things, they've all potentially cost us.

"I can't blame Neil Swarbrick for the decision, only for giving it if there was doubt, which I feel there was.

"That's why he asked the linesman, who is on the wrong side and has his view obscured.

"For me, of course, I'm disappointed with the player [Rashford].

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Clement proud of Swansea performance

"I think [the remainder of the season] will come down to small margins.

"But what I am really hoping is it doesn't come down to a refereeing decision, either for us or against us.

"I want our future to be [decided] from our own good play.

"You want it to be down to us and if it isn't, that will be disappointing."

Video technology needed before sin bins

Plans unveiled this week will see sin bins introduced to English football next season while after a weekend where Rashford, Manchester City's Leroy Sane and Tottenham's Harry Kane were all accused of diving, there have also been renewed calls for retrospective bans.

However, Clement is wary of the suggestion.

"As a preventative measure I would support it, but if it costs you a result, there is nothing you can do, it won't help," he explained.

"It could end up potentially helping another team [in the next game] and not your own.

"For me it has to be video replays, they will sort it out easily.

"Last weekend showed it is a major issue. It is not normally as bad as that, but ours was the worst one.

"The video replay on those decisions has got to happen.

"I could not support one of my players if he did something like he [Rashford] did."

Hull v Swansea
Hull have beaten Swansea three times this season, twice in the Premier League and also in the FA Cup

No historic 39th game

The former Derby boss is hoping to avoid a historic Premier League relegation play-off with Hull.

The so-called "39th game" would happen if Hull and Swansea finished joint-18th, level on points, goal difference and goals scored.

Hull have a two-point advantage over Swansea with three games remaining, but the two clubs' goal difference and goals scored are close, with Swansea on -29 and Hull on -31. Swans having scored four more goals.

Should those records be identical come the end of the season, the Premier League would take the unprecedented step of organising a one-off match at a neutral venue, as per their own rules and regulations.

"It is a possibility, isn't it?" Swansea head coach Clement said. "We're two better on goal difference, four goals better. So it is tight.

"Obviously you want to try to avoid it, but at the same time I'd take it [rather than go down]."

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