John Gilligan steps down from Rangers International Football Club Plc board

John Gilligan, Dave King and Paul Murray
John Gilligan (left) and Paul Murray (right) helped Dave King assume control at Ibrox in March 2015

John Gilligan has stepped down from the board of Rangers International Football Club Plc, saying he was happy to have helped "the right people regain control of our fantastic club".

Gilligan was part of the consortium led by Dave King that took control of the Ibrox club in March 2015.

"John has taken the decision to step down knowing that much of what was required post regime change has already been achieved," said King.

"He is a true Rangers fan."

With Rangers third in the Scottish Championship at the time, King, Gilligan and Paul Murray ousted from the board previous directors Derek Llambias and Barry Leach, with chairman David Somers and James Easdale having already resigned.

With South Africa-based King assuming the chairmanship, the new board appointed shareholder Douglas Park as a director and set about restoring the ailing club's fortunes. King said at the time: "The club is pretty much broken. It's broken in many areas. Pretty much everything has to be looked at."

In a statement on the Rangers website on Monday evening, King said: "After regime change, it was necessary to compile a board who recognised the magnitude of the challenge facing the club and who had the passion and commitment to drive the club's agenda forward against the obstacles that faced us at that time.

"When I approached John to assist with the rebuilding exercise he unhesitatingly agreed to do so, despite the challenges this would demand of his time given his other extensive business, social and family commitments.

"After years of tireless effort, lobbying, and campaigning to turn Rangers' fortunes around, John has taken the decision to step down knowing that much of what was required post regime change has already been achieved and that the outstanding requirements have been clearly identified by the board, who have the necessary action plans in place.

"John would now like to concentrate on business and family life, as well as simply being a fan again."

Gilligan said: "Words can never describe the joy and thrill of winning that critical EGM. That memory will remain with me for ever."

Rangers finished this season third in the Scottish Premiership.

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