Chelsea paid £150.8m by Premier League after winning 2016-17 title

Chelsea celebrate winning the Premier League trophy
Chelsea won the title - and received almost £151m from the Premier League

Chelsea were paid £150.8m by the Premier League after winning the 2016-17 title - 50% more than the top earners in 2015-16.

The 2016-17 season was the first of the latest TV deal and saw a total of almost £2.4bn paid to the 20 clubs - up from £1.6bn last season.

Bottom club Sunderland got £93.471m - more than the £93.219m 2015-16 winners Leicester pocketed the previous season.

The figures are based on broadcast and commercial deals plus prize money.

Funds from the Premier League's central commercial deals and overseas broadcast rights are shared equally - as is half of the domestic broadcast income.

A quarter is paid out in prize money based on each club's league position and the other quarter in "facility fees" for each game broadcast on UK television.

Arsenal were the top earners in 2015-16 with £100.9m - but only the three relegated sides of Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland were paid less than that figure in 2016-17.

The ratio between the highest and lowest totals paid by the Premier League to its clubs in 2016-17 was 1.61 to 1, the lowest among Europe's top leagues, which means the Premier League is more equal when it comes to sharing revenue than its rivals.

The Premier League also paid out nearly £220m to Aston Villa, Cardiff, Fulham, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Reading and Wigan in parachute payments.

Villa, Newcastle and Norwich - the relegated sides in 2016 - got almost £41m each.

Premier League payment to clubs 2016-17
Club (UK live TV appearances in brackets)Prize money (£s)Total payment (£s)
Chelsea (28)38,832,180150,811,183
Spurs (25)36,890,571145,461,325
Man City (28)34,948,962146,927,965
Liverpool (29)33,007,353146,112,439
Arsenal (25)31,065,744139,636,498
Man Utd (28)29,124,135141,103,138
Everton (18)27,182,526127,800,699
Southampton (15)25,240,917122,450,841
Bournemouth (13)23,299,308118,237,066
West Brom (11)21,357,699114,023,291
West Ham (15)19,416,090116,626,014
Leicester (16)17,474,481115,820,488
Stoke (10)15,532,872107,062,381
Crystal Palace (14)13,591,263109,665,104
Swansea (10)11,649,654103,197,163
Burnley (10)9,708,045101,237,554
Watford (13)7,766,436102,704,194
Hull (10)5,824,82797,354,336
Boro (13)3,883,21898,820,976
Sunderland (10)1,941,60993,471,118
Prize money determined by finishing position - data from Premier League website

Full table broken down into all categories on the Premier League website.external-link

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