Kevin Nicholson: Sacked Torquay United boss proud of record amid 'madness'

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Kevin Nicholson: Sacked Torquay United boss proud of record at club

Former Torquay United boss Kevin Nicholson says he is "proud" of the job he did at the club "through all the madness off the pitch".

Nicholson was sacked last week just four games into the season with the Gulls bottom of the National League.

He spent two years in charge as the club faced financial troubles and were taken over by Gaming International.

"There are some things that have happened that are probably a little bit naughty," he told BBC Spotlight.

"Some things that have happened were blatantly unfair - yet I'm proud that we carried on going and took a club that was on the brink of out-and-out disaster, and kept them where we are."

Nicholson, 36, made 297 league appearances for Torquay as a player and says he has to be "very careful" about what he says about his time at the club, following his dismissal.

"Although I probably came in when the club was at its lowest, to have kept them up for two years through all the madness off he pitch, I'm really proud of what I did," Nicholson added.

A Torquay United spokesman told BBC Sport: "As we've stated previously, Kevin Nicholson was a fantastic football player for the club, and gave everything in his time as manager.

"We wish Kevin Nicholson every success in the future, but Torquay United are looking to move forward in a new direction."

Meanwhile, goalkeeper Dan Lavercombe, 20, has returned to the National League club on a one-month loan from Wigan.

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