Liverpool allege youth winger suffered racist abuse at Spartak Moscow

Liverpool corner flag

Liverpool have complained to Uefa about alleged racist abuse directed at winger Bobby Adekanye during Tuesday's Uefa Youth League match at Spartak Moscow.

The alleged abuse at the Spartak Academy occurred when the 18-year-old came on as a 58th minute substitute.

Uefa told BBC Sport it is awaiting additional reports.

Spartak also face three charges for incidents involving fans during the 1-1 draw in their Champions League game against Liverpool later that day.

They are for illicit banners and chants, setting off fireworks and blocking stairways.

These charges will be dealt with by Uefa's control, ethics and disciplinary body on 19 October.

Spartak were fined 60,000 euros (£52,664) for a firework incident during their match at Maribor earlier this month. They have also been banned from selling tickets to their fans for the match in Sevilla on 1 November.

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