Football transfers: Fifpro legal bid to outlaw transfer system dropped, says Fifa

Neymar became the world's most expensive player when he moved from Barcelona to Paris St-Germain for £200m in the summer

World players' union Fifpro is to drop a legal bid to outlaw football's transfer system, says the sport's governing body Fifa.

But Fifpro, which took its case to the European Commission in 2015, says Fifa is being "premature".

Fifa believes the union has agreed to end the matter as part of a wider arrangement on player payments.

That includes rule changes making it easier for players to quit clubs when they have not been paid.

Fifpro says transfer fees are a tax on employment and restrain trade so should be illegal under European Union law.

The European Clubs Association (ECA), which represents around 200 teams and was among the organisations involved in discussions with Fifpro and Fifa, disagrees.

If the European Commission agrees, the removal of transfer fees would have a huge impact on the game.

Speaking after Fifa's stakeholders' committee met on Thursday, head of the committee Victor Montagliani said: "It was an issue that was stewing for a long, long time and they couldn't come to an agreement, but because of our impetus they've reached one."

However, Fifpro said: "It's premature to discuss what might happen next regarding our legal complaint against the transfer system, or any prospective deal until we are satisfied with the proposals put forth."

Last year, former Arsenal youth player Rhema Obed told BBC Sport how he relied on a team-mate's mother for food when his Romanian club stopped paying wages and compared the situation of some footballers to "slavery".

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