Lazio fans give referee's cafe negative TripAdvisor reviews after controversial red card

Piero Giacomelli gives Lazio's Ciro Immobile a controversial red card
Ciro Immobile's red card infuriated Lazio fans - who decided to get revenge on referee Piero Giacomelli

Refereeing decisions. They divide fans and turn games upside-down.

So, when your team gets a red card, it's only natural to react badly.

And that's exactly what Lazio fans did when referee Piero Giacomelli controversially sent off Ciro Immobile during Monday night's game against Torino.

He also failed to award the Biancocelesti a penalty for a handball on Iago Falque. Oh, and they ended up losing 3-1.

Bad day at the office?

Lazio fan
Lazio fan

But after getting bored of venting on Twitter, the supporters decided to get their revenge in a very different way - by giving the ref's cafe bad reviews on TripAdvisor.


Ouch. Talk about kicking him where it hurts.

Scathing reviews of Cafe Rossetti in Trieste, north-east Italy included comments warning potential diners to "stay far away from this cafe," and others compared visiting the restaurant to "a nightmare".

It looks like the negative reviews have since been taken down - but, as we all know, the internet never forgets.

Lazio fan

One bitter "customer" left a review entitled "how to ruin an evening with incompetence," - making a sly dig at Giacomelli's decision during the Serie A game.

Another angry fan left this strongly-worded review: "The chef decided to send out a meal which indecorous and difficult to choke down… Despite the numerous complaints from me and my friends, who were dissatisfied with that incomprehensible dish, the chef decided to send us away in the middle of the evening while still making us pay a large bill."

And in case you're still doubting the references to 40-year-old Giacomelli, the review ended with: "It would have been a nice evening but everything was spoiled by a person unfit to do this job".


Lazio fan

But before you start to feel sorry for the Italian official, perhaps the fans should have been more thorough with their research - because the cafe now has a different owner.


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